Sunday, December 09, 2012

My Christmas Wreath (DIY)

 I went a little bit Martha this year and decided to decorate my own wreath for the front door. I picked up an inexpensive, plain spruce wreath, some sprays of berries, bows, and my exacto knife, and set to work.
This is really a very simple project, and I won't do a full step-by-step. You can choose the decorative pieces you'd like to add yourself. 

I started with red, white and gold berries, but ended up not using the white once the wreath started to come together. I choose to buy larger sprays and then cut them down to size, as this was a cheaper option than buying tons of small sprays. The clumps of berries are all on individual wire, and then floral tape holds the wires together into one stem, so it is really easy to slice them apart with the exacto knife.

I laid the berries and bows around the wreath to see what would look nice, before I committed to a pattern. Then I secured everything in place by simply wrapping the wires around the twigs of the wreath. No glue guns required with the items I chose. Totally the simplest DIY ever!
This is the finished product, hanging proudly on my front door. I added a string of battery-powered mini-lights to give some sparkle for evening visitors. Again, easy-peasy - just wind the string of lights through the greenery, making sure the battery pack is accessible, but not too obvious. 

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