Thursday, December 06, 2012

My Terrible No-Good Day

It all started with about 6 slaps at the snooze button. I am very skilled at hitting that button the first time every time.

So, an hour after my alarm wanted me out of bed, I finally emerged to realise the only T-Discs I had left were long espresso. I downed one of those (not satisfying) while rushing around trying to get us ready and out the door. (Showers are overrated anyways, right?)

Laundry's not done, so sort through to find the least dirty pair of jeans for Little Boo to wear to school.

Stop at Tim Horton's for a real (big) coffee. Medium, black, 2 sugar, and a breakfast sandwich with bacon. YES on a biscuit. If I wanted it on an English muffin I would have gone to McDonald's (stick with what you do best people!) Sigh. Get to the window, give her a 20, she gives my my sandwich. I briefly debate checking to make sure it's right. Nah. This Timmie's is the best. No worries. Get my coffee, into holder, start to drive off. "Wait! Want your change?" I start to back up. "Stop!! I'll come out." I realise I almost backed into another car.

I seriously should not be allowed to leave the house without full caffeination.

Two blocks later I go to get my coffee, and I see the ominous "1 1/2 C" on the lid. Crap. Wrong coffee. Can't go back or we'll be late for school. Nothing good can come from this. I'm not sure I even have words to describe the feelings of anger and utter defeat that went through me.

I manage to get him safely to school in time, so that's all good. I head back home, still not properly caffeinated. I run a red light. Honest to God. I have never done that. I almost honked at the truck that almost took me out.  Then I shook and freaked for a while, checking my rear view for the flashing lights. What kind of a lunatic runs a red light??

When I get to Timmy's again, they give me a new coffee, no questions asked. They even wrote "SORRY!" on the lid. (I love my Timmy's!) I inhaled half the cup right there, and things started to turn around.

Until I got to my local Purolator agent, with his open sign flashing and his door locked. Waiting Waiting. Purolator tells me they left a package there for me yesterday. Website tracking confirms. Agent says no way, we haven't got it. Seriously?? Am currently waiting for a call-back from Purolator to tell me where precisely they did drop this parcel, and hoping they will make this right with a re-delivery.

Maybe they'll bring me a Timmy's too?

update: I just popped the CD with LB's school picture in my laptop. Arrived 5 weeks after ordering. Wrong image. Now on hold.

update 2: School picture company is sending me a new CD, but it won't arrive until the 19th, so no pictures for the Christmas cards.

update 3: Purolator investigated and apparently convinced the agent to look harder. He eventually found my package and called me to confirm. All is well again.

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