Friday, January 18, 2013

Phineas & Ferb Live! (Review)

We had so much fun at Phineas & Ferb last weekend. The show was part of Little Boo's 7th birthday celebration, and a great Birthday Day 2 it was!

I invited one of his friends over that afternoon, since schools were scheduled to be closed (they ended up opening, but we stuck to our plan.) After some video game fun, we headed downtown to meet up with his friend's mom (one of my besties) for dinner at LB's favourite restaurant, East Side Marios, and then on to the show.

Note: when dining with 6 and 7 year-olds, remember to factor in an extra half hour above how long you think the meal will take. Holy slowpokes, Batman!

We made it on time (barely) to the Rogers Centre and took our seats.

The crowd was excited. The music was energetic, and as enjoyable for the adults as for the kids. And the set? Amazing! The show starts with the cartoon characters projected on the backdrop. When they see the audience, they decide to join us, and the as the characters approach the top of a slide, they disappear and the actors slide down on to the stage.  The kids thought that was pretty cool, just they like were popping out of the TV to play with them.

The story unfolds as the friends (including Candace once she realises Jeremy is interested) all come up with ideas for the best live show ever, to entertain their audience on the last day of summer vacation. Because the friends are all so diverse, the audience is treated to quite the variety of entertainment options as they work things out.

And of course, no Phineas & Ferb would be complete without a subplot involving Perry the Platypus/Agent P and Dr. Doofensmirtz. Will Agent succeed in thwarting Dr. D's evil plot to create and use his new audience control-inator? You'll have to see the show to find out :)

We are P&F fans, so we were anxious to see how the team at Feld Entertainment translated the show to the stage. The verdict - they did a great job and we definitely recommend checking out this show. Visit Phineas & Ferb Live! online to check the tour dates and look for a show coming to a theatre near you.

Disclosure: As a thank you for my assistance in promoting their shows and to assist me in my reviews, Feld Entertainment will provide me with opening night tickets for me and my family to attend, if I wish. All opinions on this blog remain my own.

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