Friday, January 25, 2013

Pilates, or Who Knew My Butt Was Tense?

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My doctor told me at my annual physical that my core strength sucks. She may not have used those exact words, but it's what she was thinking. I could tell. And I carry massive amounts of stress in my back and shoulders. She prescribed a Pilates program to get me back on track.

After a fair bit of searching, I found a spot that was in a location I could get to, that had classes at a time I could do. I signed up for a month of unlimited mat classes and dove right in.

The instructor is wonderful, and very understanding that I'm a beginner. I don't even understand the lingo - I've never done yoga, so I don't know what a cat pose is! But with a combination of watching the others in my group class, and Leslie's extra instructions when she sees me struggling, it's coming together.

The class is diverse in terms of age and body shape. We have a young pregnant woman, and on Thursdays there's even an older gentleman. Not everyone is super buff like Leslie, who does handstands as a warm-up. (Oi!) So that made me more comfortable.

I love Pilates. And, I hate Pilates. When I told my doc this, she said, "That's exactly the way it should be!" For such little movement, the burn is incredible. At the end of the hour I am so much more flexible and energetic than at the beginning. I stand taller. And I ache. But it's such a good ache! Leslie keeps us incredibly conscious of our bodies as we work through the poses and stretches. Today we worked on our butts. She said most people carry a lot of tension in their butts (her words!) I thought a tight butt was a good thing, but apparently not. I'd like to think mine didn't get too loose though ...

It's only been two weeks yet, and I question myself before each class if I maybe might want to skip this time. But I don't. I'm sticking with it. I'm off to stalk YouTube now for some Pilates videos to work along with at home. And I am determined to get that dang roll-up move conquered and soon. When I can bring my body up to sitting without using my elbows? Then I'll feel like I can conquer anything :)

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful exercise. This post has definitely sparked my interest in the exercise.


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