Sunday, February 03, 2013

Bye-Bye Thomas

As you know, I've been in a purge mode for a while now. My latest project is Little Boo's room. It's kind of a disaster. I thought we'd been pretty good about releasing old toys as new ones came in, but clearly we weren't diligent enough. And somewhere along the way his room became a kind of dumping ground where toys found elsewhere in the house were just randomly tossed. He couldn't find anything, and I couldn't stand to look at it.

So, with Christmas being followed closely by his birthday, it became a rather critical mission to organise and purge his room. Sounds good, right? He even agreed to the mission and was in support of passing on his old toys to other kids. Particularly once I told him that whatever money we got from anything we sold, he could keep.

Yes I bribed him. Don't judge.

One of the bigger deals was parting with Little Boo's collection of Thomas trains and tracks. Bigger deal for me at least. The crazy thing is that he hasn't played with these in absolute ages, so he had no qualms with saying good-bye. But there's something so iconic about Thomas, so indicative of little boys living in a house. I think just the fact he was so nonchalant made it harder for me. 

Turns out I'm pretty attached to many of his toys myself. Every toy has a story, a memory attached. Every toy outgrown points towards the time he'll outgrow my hugs. When he'll no longer crawl into my lap to snuggle, or sleep in my bed. Every toy that went into the bag was one more piece of evidence that my little boy is growing up.

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  1. It is always sad to realize how much they are growing.


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