Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Cats Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

See this? It's a delightful Cuba Libre.

 And this? He looks all sweet and innocent, right?


Let me just tell you that when you sit down after a long day and put your feet up to enjoy a phone chat with your mom. And you balance your coveted and thoroughly enjoyable, ICE COLD, Cuba libre on your lap. Your cat is the last person you want to see jumping up to join you.

Before I knew it, out of nowhere, I had a 17 pound cat in my lap, along with half of my glass of ICE COLD beverage. Cat went flying, screamed for Little Boo to come help, frantically told my mother I'd call back (she still had no idea what had happened). My darling 7yo came running down the stairs and then went right back up for a towel to bring to me. (He surprised me with his speedy and accurate response - no questions asked. I guess the look on my face and tone of voice must have been pretty clear.) I had my legs squeezed together to keep the pool of rum and coke from pouring onto the couch I had just cleaned. (Honestly!) And miraculously, it worked! The towel soaked up what my pants had not. Couch survived unscathed. My girlie bits fared less well - just about got frost bite. But a dry pair of cozy sweatpants eventually thawed me out.

My mother when I called her back? After her initial concern as to what had happened - laughed her ass off at me. Thanks Mom. Though I guess I would have done the same.

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