Thursday, February 21, 2013


When did I get so old?  I mean, I remember back a million years ago when I would stay out with friends partying until 3 in the morning, then nap for 2 hours, get up and work an 8 hour shift on my feet in fast food. And, just a thousand years ago, I regularly pulled all-nighters (whether for work or fun) and still managed to make family commitments the following day, with mostly intelligible/intelligent conversations along the way.

Now? I had a weekend away with my kid, and I'm a write-off.
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I've been trying to rationalise this complete exhaustion. I mean, we did have a very full and fun weekend, followed by much busyness on our return.

Four hour drive to Ottawa on Friday. Constant fun - swimming, walking, eating, drinking, laughing - all weekend. But I was going to bed by 10 each night. 6 hour drive home from Ottawa on Monday. (Damn highway closure.) Went to bed at 9.

Tuesday was moving day - moving some pieces from my mother-in-law's house in Burlington to storage in Scarborough. Another highway closure. (Seriously?!) The moving guys did all the work. Why was I so tired?

Wednesday I had a job interview. And the morning drive started with yet another partial highway closure. (Am I cursed?? Word to the wise - if we're meeting somewhere, choose a different route from me to get there.) Rush home to prep dinner for my boys. Back in bed at 9pm.

Yes, there's a lot of driving and thinking and running around, but really I feel like I've been run over by a truck. And I haven't even gotten into how the cold temps last night and this morning have completely aggravated my arthritis and I can barely move. Hips and foot baby. I go all out, even with my ailments.

Aren't you glad you read this totally whiny (sadly not wine-y) post? I don't really mean to complain. I'm just somewhat in awe of what has happened to me over time. Is it age? Is it the added responsibility of being a mom?

Where oh where did my youthful energy go?? And why didn't I appreciate it when I had it?

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