Monday, February 11, 2013

Kissable Faces for Valentines, from Gillette

Valentine's Day is almost here, and love is flowing in the air. (Didn't know I was a poet, did you? Or not ...) As our hearts and minds turn to thoughts of smoochy kisses and romantic evenings with our partners, it seems a good time to share with you the results of a recent survey conducted by Gillette. They asked the question, "Is stubble killing the kiss?" 500 Canadian women aged 18-34 completed the survey in January, and here are some of the results -


  • Eight in ten women like the look of a smooth or clean shaven face, while about six in ten like the look of light stubble or five o’clock shadow. This sentiment is similar across Ontario, Western Canada, Atlantic Canada and Quebec. 
  • Smooth, good looking and kissable are the words most likely to come to mind when women think of clean shaven men. Interestingly, a higher proportion of single women (73%) than those in a relationship (62%) are likely to say good looking 
  • When asked which words come to mind when thinking about a guy with stubble or five o’clock shadow, sexy and rugged are the top two choices overall. Those in Quebec differ slightly with sexy and good looking as the top two mentions


  • Overall, three quarters of women prefer to kiss a guy who is smooth or clean shaven. However, those in the Atlantic do not feel the same with almost a 50/50 split between preferring to kiss a guy who is clean shaven or one with facial hair. 
  • Overall, when asked about how they feel when kissing a guy romantically who is clean shaven 67% claim to feel ‘so hot let me at ‘em.’ Only one third of women feel the same about kissing a guy with facial hair. 
  • Women who are kissing a smooth/clean shaven guy claim to have usually long lingering kisses most often, while those that are kissing a guy with facial hair claim their kisses are usually short and quick. 
  • Women strongly prefer clean shaven men, as evidenced by the four in ten who claim that they would kiss a clean shaven man more often. Less than 10% make the same claim about men with facial hair. 


  • 72% of women mention that kissing a guy with facial hair has irritated or scraped their face. 
  • Overall, half of women who have had irritated skin due to kissing a man with facial hair claim to have used a facial cream or lotion on it. 23% tried to cover it up with additional makeup. 5% even added an accessory to try and hide the irritation.
You can find more information on this smooth vs.stubble debate at What I get from these survey results is that, while many women do find the rugged, stubbly look sexy, we don't always find those stubbly faces very kissable. Scratchy and irritating are words that come to my mind when I remember stubbly kisses. (Not exactly bad kisses, but smooth is certainly easier on my face!) Luckily for me now (and for him too I guess?), Hubs doesn't like the feel of stubble on his own face, so he's always clean-shaven.

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