Thursday, February 28, 2013

Legoland Discovery Centre at Vaughan Mills

For my boys, there are two main activities that take up the majority of their free time at home - video games and Lego. As a mom, I see benefits they obtain from both activities, but I prefer the creativity that comes with their Lego endeavours. Whether following the instructions that came with a set, or building free-form using their own imagination, I love how Lego is something all three of my boys (including Hubs) can enjoy together. And I love checking out their wonderful creations!

Starting this Friday, March 1, the GTA will be welcoming a new attraction featuring all the fun and creativity that is Lego. A new Legoland Discovery Centre is opening at Vaughan Mills to feed the need to build. Last Thursday I spent some time exploring the new facility on their media day, and I thought I'd share some pictures with you and introduce you to what the site has to offer.

The LDC includes 2 rides (indoors), a 4D movie theatre, lots of free-play building areas, Lego Friends and Duplo areas, plus a build and test raceway where you can construct your own vehicles and test them out on one of two race tracks.  There's also a Lego Fire Academy jungle gym with a climbing wall. It's pretty huge, and I know Little Boo would love it. (Socks are required.)

Two birthday party rooms are available for your special celebrations, plus a cafe for your everyday convenience. And of course a gift shop, which is open to all Vaughan Mills shoppers, not just ticketed LDC guests.

Perhaps my favourite part of our tour was Lego Miniland. In this room is the most stunning replica of a large variety of Toronto landmarks.

Awesome what talented builders can create with these bricks!! (And I wish those hockey player figures were available to purchase.)

The LDC recommends planning 2-3 hours for your visit. Please note that the facility is designed for the enjoyment of families with children aged 3-10 years old. Adults must be accompanied by a child or children in order to be admitted. That being said, Lego understands that adults love to build as well, and they will hold regular adult-only evenings. Check the website for more information.

You can save on admission prices by buying your tickets in advance online, but this attraction is not inexpensive. The admissions costs are higher than at nearby Reptilia, the Toronto Zoo, or the Ontario Science Centre. Annual passes are available, which would be a good option for a family living nearby and intending to visit regularly.

I did enjoy the LDC and will be visiting with my family. I know my boys will love it!

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