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New Original Series on City TV - "Seed"

What happens when a confirmed bachelor and overgrown kid himself suddenly finds out that he's a father? This is just what happens to Harry, the lead character in the new City TV original series, Seed.
Seed is a half-hour comedy following Harry, a likeable bachelor and bartender whose previous foray into sperm donation has resulted in offspring he was unaware of – until now. This ill-equipped bachelor finds himself entangled in the lives of his newfound children and their less-than-thrilled families – a lesbian couple and their 9-year-old oddball son, an up-tight, upperclass husband and wife and their rebellious teenage daughter, and an impulsive single woman with a ticking biological clock ... pregnant with his child – with whom he’ll come to share more than just his DNA.
If you're a regular City viewer, you will have seen the teasers for this show by now. I've been intrigued since I saw the first one, so I was excited when I was offered the opportunity to sit down with Adam Korson, the star of Seed, while he was here in Toronto this week promoting the show. First, here's the preview in case you've missed it:

Currently living in Los Angeles, Adam is a Toronto native and graduate of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. In Seed, he joins an all-Canadian cast to bring to life this quirky comedy all about family, parental responsibility, and the various forms they can both can take. The show isn't set in any particular city, which makes it universal and relatable. Each episode tells its own story, start to finish, as a good comedy should. But more than that, the 13 episodes work together and build off each other to tell a full story and develop the characters and their relationships as the season progresses. That continuity, Adam hopes, will allow the audience to develop their own relationships with the characters and their concerns as well.

I asked Adam about his character, Harry, and what drew him to this role. His response - aside from the great writing in the script, which grabbed him right away, he felt, reading Harry, that he really "got" him. Harry is charming and lovable, in spite of his philandering bachelor ways. He may not be into commitment, but he's quite open and honest about that, and nothing he does is ever done with ill-will or a desire to harm anyone. You know what you're getting. Even more, Adam says he found similarities with his character, not in the philandering, but in the general approach to life. Harry chose not to attend the Ivy League school where he was accepted, in order to pursue a different kind of life, following his passion for music as a drummer. In many ways this is like the choice Adam made, to pursue the less than secure and guaranteed path of an actor.

Adam has a musical background as well, having grown up playing the piano and guitar. I asked if we might expect to see Harry's band performing on the show at some point (Adam can play the drums as well - a man of many talents). His response, word for word, "I hope so." Adam is very good at this interview gig - I couldn't get any show secrets out of him.

If you'd like a chance to chat with Adam yourself, you'll have an opportunity prior to the the show's premiere. On Monday, Feb. 4, from 11:30 am-12:00 noon (EST) Adam will be found on Twitter, tweeting from the handle @Seed_TV. Follow along with the hashtag #SeedChat. There are also plans to live tweet during the premiere episode Monday night. You'll find me there :)

After two and a half months of intensive shooting in Halifax, all 13 episodes are ready to go. Having previewed the first two episodes, I think you'll find this show an enjoyable escape and great chance to relax with a lot of laughs on Monday evenings.
Seed premieres Monday, Feb. 4, at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT (check local listings), on City. 

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  1. Nice job Deb! I love that you are stretching yourself here with interviews and posts such as this one. I am interested in this show because of the fertility angle. It will be watched closely by some to see if it is funny and topical.


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