Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Times They Are A'Changing

A few weeks ago we were driving to school, listening to classic rock on Q107, and "Pinball Wizard" came on. Little Boo likes to read the song info on the display, especially when a song catches his attention. I hear him read out, "Pinball Wizard. By The Who." Then I hear, "What's 'pinball' Mommy?"
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Sigh. He has much to learn, this youngling. Such a critical part of my childhood and teen years. So foreign and unknown to him. I will rectify the problem, I assure you.

But the fact is, technology moves so fast these days, the gap between us and our kids is much vaster than it was between us and our parents. Our parents had black and white TV, but we had colour. Not really huge. At some point in my childhood phones had buttons instead of dials. But they still had cords and attached to the wall. The old rotary dial phone at my grandfather's house is a huge mystery to Little Boo, and quite exotic. Smart phones? Tablets? The Internet? We wrote letters on paper, used hard cover encyclopedia collections, and had to wait til after midnight to make a long distance call on the cheap rates.

It can be difficult to relate.

This past weekend, when we were in Ottawa for Winterlude, we visited the Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum. This underground facility was built during the Diefenbaker years to protect the Canadian government in the event of a nuclear attack. It is a fully functioning office building with sleeping quarters, medical facilities, a morgue, a studio for the CBC, and more. Thankfully it never had to serve its intended purpose, but it was an operational facility for the Canadian Forces for over 30 years. It now serves as a museum and is filled with memorabilia and obsolete technology representative of the time. Obsolete technology maybe, but very familiar to a mom of my age. (It is a pretty cool place to visit. Check it out if you're visiting Ottawa!)

In one room, Little Boo was intrigued by an old manual typewriter. He was tapping away at the keys, and I thought nothing of it. Until suddenly he announced, "Mommy! I think I know what this might be! I think it's some kind of weird printer or something!"
Yep. I guess it is at that. Makes sense to me.

Way to make me feel old.

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  1. One day I realized how often I said, "When I was a kid.." when my then 4 yr old asked me if I had/used a sundial when I was a kid!


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