Friday, March 22, 2013

Bringing Home Our New Pup

This won't come as a big surprise, since I dropped the big tease on Wordless Wednesday, but we brought our newest family member home last weekend. After our not so successful visit to meet Coda last week, we did go back as a family on Saturday. All four of us! My boys were all very excited.

We went to meet Coda again first, and he hadn't mellowed at all. Hubs agreed with me that he was just too much dog for us, especially with a skinny little boy in the house. One of the adoption coordinators strongly supported this decision. She said that with the extra couple of days she's had to get to know Coda, he definitely showed signs of needing to be dominant. Little Boo would be such an easy target for him, and that wouldn't be fun for anyone. Coda is one strong and determined dog. He is also very sweet, and will make a great pet and companion for someone who can consistently give him the discipline he needs. Not a great match for small kids.

No one new had arrived, but we went to see the beagle I'd fallen for on our last visit. In spite of the cat issue, hubs wanted to check her out.

And we all fell in love. Maxi had only just been transferred to the adoption area when we last saw her, and she was far more interested in exploring the space, with all its new scents, than she was in playing with us. And she was very nervous. Little Boo was turned off by her lack of friendliness. But this time she was more settled and delighted with our company. We watched her, tossed balls with her, took her for a walk, and had kisses. The shelter got us to spend about an hour or so with her, to make sure we were all sure. We learned she is a playful, quiet (no barking at all!), affectionate girl, who has been well-trained by her former family. (She was a surrender when her family moved and couldn't take her with them.)

We hit a bit of a stumbling block when the staff re-read her info and saw the stuff about chasing and barking at cats. We did a test run by bringing her to meet some of the shelter cats, and all I saw was her being afraid of them and drawing back. We talked it over, convinced them we were up to the possible challenge of socialising her with PJ, and we brought her home.

It is very clear she was well-loved and cared for in the past. When she got in the van she went straight to the back seat, hopped up and laid down.Obviously car rides were nothing new. And when we got home, she went straight for our door, and quickly made it her home too. Within 2 hours she was up on the couch lying down between Little Boo and the Teen while they played video games. She slept in the bed with us that very first night. She asks to be let out at the back door to do her business. She eats from her dish, not the cat's. She knows sit and stay and paw. She also knows the critical words out, walk, and pee.

And the cat? They get along fine. We introduced them carefully, with Maxi on leash just in case. PJ was in his favourite spot - lying on the vent under the Teen's bed. Maxi stuck her nose in, sniffed, wagged her tail, and left. No biggie. PJ just glared at her disdainfully. When he came out a bit later, they sniffed each other's butts and that was that. I wouldn't call them best of friends or anything, but they are in a peaceful state of detente, even sleeping together in bed with us each night.

Maxi is a 4 year old beagle cross, a wonderful little girl, and a great addition to our family. She will keep the name she came with, since it's the name she's known for 4 years, and she knows it means her. She has met our vet, of whom she is terrified (our vet is lovely, just sayin'), and has been given a clean bill of health, a dose of rabies vaccine, and a season's worth of flea and heart worm medication for when the nice weather finally arrives.

Welcome home little girl!

(Did you hear that?? I finally have a girl in the house again!)

If you are ready to bring a new pet into your home, and you live in Ontario, please consider the OSPCA's adoption services. They have so many wonderful cats, dogs and small animals that are looking for a wonderful home like yours!

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