Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Help For Your Vacation Photos, From Posterjack

Doesn't that look pretty? Sadly, it is NOT where I spent March Break, though if I had been there I'd definitely want some amazing photos on display to help me remember. Just looking at that panoramic view of the white beach and blue ocean automatically brings a smile to my face and a sigh to my lips.

With most vacations, or even trips to the park, I tend to take lots of photos. I want to capture the moments and keep them fresh. Of course, I may go overboard. I think our first trip to Disneyworld (October 2011) resulted in close to 600 pictures.

I blame the digital camera. Back in the days of film that would never have happened.

The problem then becomes - what to do with all those images? How do you access or share them effectively? You certainly don't want them to just languish on your hard drive. When you have a fabulous photo, like the one above, a great option is to have it printed for display by

Posterjack has a wide assortment of options from regular posters to prints on metal or wrapped canvas. The image above shows a Peel n' Stick poster, printed on a special linen-based material with an adhesive that allows you to stick and remove the poster up to 200 times, all without damaging either the poster or your wall. These Peel n' Sticks are versatile, as the adhesive sticks to most any surface, including concrete or glass, and you can bend your posters around corners, or even stick to your ceiling!

Since I take so many vacation photos (and Christmas photos, and pet photos, and backyard play photos ...) I particularly appreciate Posterjack's offering of their free Collage Designer tool. Choose a size and shape, choose a background, choose to place your images on a grid or place them free-form. Once you complete your collage and send it to your shopping cart you are able to save it on your computer as a jpg for your own use, or you can order a print on any Posterjack product. I threw this one together just to see the process - it was super easy. The system was even able to randomly insert my photos, with the ability for me to make changes afterwards. A Disney poster, with multiple pictures from our trip would make a great souvenir on Little Boo's wall don't you think?
 A collage poster print would be a great way to commemorate a big trip or event.
The actual order I submitted was for an 18x12 canvas wrap print of a photo I took recently. (I think I shared it here for a Wordless Wednesday?)

I am so looking forward to receiving this and will share my impressions with you when it arrives. Cool to note - Posterjack allows you to apply a number of different effects to your images, including black & white, sepia, charcoal sketch, linocut and solarize. My fave? Pop-Art.
I was very tempter to go with this funky coloured image, but then decided to stick with my natural look. It is a pic from nature after all. But I can see me using this effect for some fun pieces to use in decorating.

Are you interested in improving the quality of your vacation pics? Head on over to the Posterjack blog for some tips to help you get the best photos possible on your next family vacation.

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Note - These two discounts cannot be combined.

Now is a great time to sort through those pictures you took during March Break and start getting creative with Posterjack.

Disclosure: I received complimentary product to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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