Sunday, March 24, 2013

Notes on Walking Maxi

In our first week of life together, Maxi and I have been scoping out various places to go for our walks. We have of course walked around the neighbourhood, but I like to find wooded areas and trails for a more interesting experience. I may just blog some of my favourite spots as we discover them, but for today I just want to share some things I've noticed about her so far.

For instance, unlike all male dogs I've ever owned, dog sat, or walked, Maxi does not save up a reserve of pee to have on hand for marking every interesting thing we encounter on our adventure. She quickly checks out the area, chooses a good spot, and pees until she's empty and comfortable again. Then she's ready to go.

For 5 minutes until she chooses a good spot and then poos.

Yes I carry bags. I'm responsible like that.

I'm not sure Maxi has ever actually seen anything of the beautiful landscapes where we walk. Her nose is constantly on the ground, sniffing everything. Way more so than any other dogs I've walked. I guess it's a beagle thing.

But she doesn't hunt. Birds and squirrels do not interest her.

Their tracks on the ground do.

If you are hoping to introduce your new dog to the off-leash park, and you have no idea how she is with other dogs, a time when the park is occupied by 2 dog walkers and 20 dogs is probably not ideal. Maxi was immediately very popular as ALL of the dogs came to greet her at once. And freaked her out.

There was no biting.

Or maybe it's a good thing, since you know that the dog walkers totally have their stuff together, and they can talk you through the introduction stage. Like reminding you that your dog will feel safer if you just let her off the leash. You know, so she feels she can escape if threatened. Even though you feel safer with her on the leash. Because you have control issues.

Maxi did great. The other dogs figured out they needed to greet her one by one. Then she joined their pack. She made friends.

And she came back to me when I called her! This. Is. Awesome.

Also awesome? How therapeutic these walks can be for me. The cold, quiet mornings, broken only by the sounds of chirping birds. The trees overhead, even without their leaves. The crunch of snow underfoot. Seeing how excited Maxi is to be outside and exploring. It all does wonders for my state of mind. I grew up surrounded by forest, and it really is my peaceful place. These walks in the woods with my pup will be wonderful therapy.

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