Friday, March 22, 2013

Tubetime - Taking TV Social

I've been trying out a new app over the last couple of months as part of a Made in Blog campaign. Tubetime is a TV-watching companion app that allows you to bring your viewing social, and so much more. The app is available for free for your iPhone, iPod or iPad, and will soon be available for your Android devices through the Google Play store.

Tubetime allows you to check local TV listings, set reminders so you don't forget to tune in on time (tap on the alarm clock), search for your faves by name or genre (category), or check out a list of what's being watched most with the app (Popular).

Tapping on a listing will bring you to a description of the show/epsiode,along with cast details.

Or, say you have a hankering to see a show or movie with a particular actor? Like, maybe I need a little George Clooney fix. You can search by actor name as well!

"Three Kings" starts in 14 minutes - let's set the alert and tune in!

That's all pretty convenient for sure, but what makes Tubetime so entertaining is the social sharing it includes. See that "Discuss" tab? It brings you to a Twitter stream of fellow-watchers chatting about the show. And you can share on Facebook and/or Twitter that you are watching, inviting your friends to join you.

And when you're ready to interact, you can compose and send your tweets right from within the app, which  automatically populates your tweet with the show-specific hashtag, keeping the conversation flowing. Who knows who you might meet discussing your fave shows.

Here's a little promotional video they've put together to give you a good sense of what the app can do.

Did you catch that little connector? It's awesome. And it was so easy to set up, even I managed it. What I love about it is that I can tune to my show right from my iPhone, within the app. The other night I was trying to find Republic of Doyle, which was pre-empted, but showing in re-run SOMEWHERE. I was able to search the show with the app, then,once I found it, automatically tune my TV to the crazy high digital channel without having to grab my cable remote. Pretty cool, hey? The connector can be set up as a universal remote, to control many more electronics in your home. I haven't set it up beyond the cable box and TV, but plan to add the BluRay player and receiver next.

Overall, I'm enjoying this app and the connector. The app is free, and the connector is available to purchase online for $9.95. The app is great even without the connector, but it does add some ease of use. If you'd like more information, check out Tubetime on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

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