Sunday, April 28, 2013

Summer Fun - Then and Now

Look at me and my brother. How cute were we? This was a common scene from our childhood. Our grandfather owned a speedboat and we had campers. Many a family vacation was spent with three generations at the lake, soaking in the great outdoors.

You'll notice we don't have life jackets in this picture. Of course, we were still tied on at the shore. I don't remember if we wore life jackets or not, though we may have. I do know we owned adult ones for sure. I'm pretty sure I never saw an adult wear one.

Now? Little Boo has to wear a life jacket if he is anywhere near a body of water. That's just how we roll in the 21st century. And it's a good thing.
Yes it's pink and purple. He picked it out himself. He's due for the next size up this summer.
We don't spend nearly enough time on the water now for my liking. Ponds, rivers, oceans, I love them all. We do try to spend the Canada Day weekend with friends on the Gull River (above pic is from there), which is awesome. And last year I introduced Little Boo to pond swimming when we were home in Newfoundland. He found the water too cold and didn't like the feel of the rocks under his feet. He prefers a swimming pool. I stayed in the pond for ages with my brother and nephew :)

Here's my brother and me again, playing in the sand. I believe that's an ice cream scoop I'm using. You can see our truck camper in the background. It looks to me like it was still backed-up to the lake to drop in our boat. (And tell me Little Boo doesn't look exactly like my brother!)

Did you know that Transport Canada regulates boating in Canada? Until 1999 anyone could get behind the wheel of a boat, at any age. My father and grandfather certainly never took a course or an exam before heading out on the lake with us. 

Since 1999 our waterways are much safer, as a Canadian boat licence is required of anyone who operates a recreational water craft fitted with a motor. These requirements were introduced in response to boating deaths and injuries, with the goal of improving safety on Canadian waterways through education and training.

I think this makes a lot of sense, and makes me feel more secure and safe on the water. These boats can move really fast, and I want to be sure if I'm in one the person operating it knows exactly what they are doing. And, it goes without saying, NEVER drink and operate a boat. Not safe, not cool.

Disclosure: This post has been brought to you by All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own. Stay safe!

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