Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Much-Delayed Easter Post

I've been wanting to share our Easter eggs with you all, but this week has been a mess. So, maybe I can pitch this as early for Orthodox Easter (May 5) rather than late for our Easter??

We don't normally dye eggs, as I prefer to hunt for and eat the chocolate variety. But, Little Boo wanted to do it as an activity, plus my Mother-in-law always dyed eggs and sent them home with Hubs. He enjoys them, so I filled in and did a few.

I went the easy route and picked up one of the inexpensive PAAS kits, with the dye tablets, wax stick, and plastic containers. All I needed to add was some white vinegar and water, according to the package directions. (You can use lemon juice instead for a lighter colour.) I used an insert from a box of Kinder eggs as an egg holder.

The first step was to draw on the eggs with the wax stick. The dye will not take on the waxed areas, so you can create a fun design on your finished eggs. We use hard-boiled eggs, since Hubs like to eat them, so you can get good pressure with the wax stick. The only problem I had was that I couldn't see what I was drawing, so the outcome was a bit of a surprise each time.

Dissolve the dye tablets in vinegar (or lemon juice), then add water and gently drop in the egg. Leave the egg to soak up the dye until the colour you are going for is achieved.

Here is my butterfly egg:

And the final basket of spring colours: 
I love how these look in the sunshine on my back deck. So hopeful!

Whether or not you celebrated Easter last weekend, we hope you enjoyed the extra days off! Now, let's just all hope for some truly spring-like weather real soon!

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