Thursday, April 18, 2013

"You Said Buns!"

Mommy gets to go out tonight, so I won't be around for dinner. Over lunch we were discussing what Little Boo and his Daddy would eat this evening.

I suggested burgers.
Little Boo wanted pasta.
Hubs wanted steak.

They settled on hot dogs. (I don't know.)
This is actually a little more complicated than it sounds, since Hubs will have a chili dog made with a Schneider's Juicy Jumbo, while LB will have a regular sized Maple Leaf Top Dog. These require different sized buns, needless to say.

So Hubs first asked if we had buns for LB. I innocently answered that, yes, his "little buns" are in the freezer. To which Hubs, the smart-ass replied, "Does he have little buns??"

Of course I giggled and reached over to pinch LB's little tushie. He started to giggle.

Then I, innocently, said, "His little weiners are in the fridge."

Total meltdown of hilarity ensues.

"Mommy! You said buns!! And weiners!!!"

Sigh. Life with boys is certainly a lot of fun :)

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