Monday, May 27, 2013

DIY Pin Display Board

When we first brought Little Boo to Disneyworld in October 2011, I was perhaps a little too keen on the idea of souvenirs and grabbing up all the Disney "stuff" I could carry home. Yes, I am a huge fan and it was a total "kid in a candy shop" kind of situation.  When I was a kid I loved collecting buttons, and I had quite the selection pinned to one of my camp hats. So naturally, I thought it would be fun for Little Boo to start collecting the Disney trading pins.

Are you familiar with the trading pins? These metal pins depict Disney characters, rides, attractions, etc., and are available to purchase throughout the parks. There are an unbelievable number of them, and even an entire store in Downtown Disney solely devoted to selling them. You can buy them singly, in collections, or mystery pouches, and they vary in cost. There's also a range of accessories to go with them, including lanyards, waist pouches, and bags. Guests can trade the official pins with Disney cast members, following specific rules.

It's quite the set-up, and highly addictive. By the time we did our second trip in July 2012, Hubs and I were also collecting, with our own lanyards and specific preferences.

We have a LOT of pins now.

So, I decided that I wanted to be able to enjoy the pins here at home as well as when we're in the parks. Hanging the lanyards off the doorknob was no longer cutting it. Plus, our lanyards are a little over loaded. Enter the pin board!

Because I'm not terribly crafty, this is a very simple DIY.  I started with a plain corkboard, chose some fabric, and stapled it all together. Ideally I was hoping to find a Disney-themed fabric, but I couldn't find one I liked. Since the fabric serves as a background for the pin display, it had to be fairly plain and/or subtle. I ended up choosing a simple red with black polka dots, because it reminded me of Minnie.

The only tools you'll need.
Simply cut the fabric about 2.5 inches larger than your board on all sides, then wrap the fabric around the board tightly. Fold the corners neatly, as if you were wrapping a gift, and staple in place.

I planned to use a staple gun for this, but my corkboard had a laminate plastic frame. Poor choice! This material is just too dense for a staple gun to penetrate, so instead I used a regular stapler and fastened the fabric to the back of the cork.  I'd recommend going for a corkboard with no frame, or a wood frame.

Here's the board wrapped:

To give us a spot for hanging our lanyards, I screwed in three small metal hooks along the bottom. For hanging the pin board, I used 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips - no nails, no mess, easy hanging and easy removal when the time comes. This has been hanging for 3 months now with no worries. Nice and strong.

My favourite pin

 What do you think? Are you a Disney pin trader? What do you do with your pins at home?

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