Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Mother's Day from Mom's Perspective

This year I decided to run a little poll over on my Facebook page, asking my mom readers what they'd most like to get from their kids for Mother's Day. The big day is coming up soon, and dads and kids are in the final days of preparing for this celebration of mom. For any of my dad readers out there, I hope the results of this highly unscientific poll might give you some ideas of what to give (or not give).

Many of the poll options I included in the initial version, and many were added by readers. The two check marks show my choices, and the black bars are blocking out profile pics of respondents. Now that I've experienced how happy it's making me, I would also include a clean car. But I set this poll up before my detailing. That was a whole different, wonderful approach to pampering.
As you can see, the most popular choice here was "Something handmade with love." Macaroni art anyone? I didn't choose this one myself, although I do really love the creations that come home from school with Little Boo. He has made lovely frames, cards, and butterflies over the years. Whenever I've suggested to Hubs that a handmade gift from the boys is all I really want, he won't believe me and insists something must be purchased. Husbands take note!

The second most popular choice was "Just let me sleep in!!" I mean, seriously people. How often does mom get those extra minutes hours of snooze time in the morning? If your house is like mine, both the kids and the pets have always woken me up first to see to any of their needs. Dad seems to be immune to this dependency. Moms are busy and tired. Let moms sleep in on their special day. And, if you do decide to offer breakfast in bed (voted by 3), just be sure to plan it for 10 or 11 am. The same goes for brunch reservations - no earlier than 11! 'K?

I'm the only one apparently that would like gardening gear. But then again, I am addicted to gardening gloves and tools just as much as I am to office supplies and pretty stationery. For the avid gardener this just might work.

Notice that flowers and jewelry were quite low on the list, as were gift cards. A spa day is appreciated, as is special time on a hike with the kids. I like that one - suggested by a reader. Overall, a little pampering or attention, and the love of the kids are what all the top choices have in common. Everything with three votes or more falls into one of those categories. Not material things. (Other than the catch-all "All of the above" of course.)

Perhaps the best advice I could give to a dad who wants to make sure mother's day is the best it can be for the mother of his children - ask her what she wants. Peace and quiet and an evening out with the girls and no responsibility?  A lovely brunch? A long sleep in? Or honestly just something that the kids choose and create themselves? It's her day, so let her make the call.

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