Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Recap

Mother's Day has come and gone for another year. I hope all of my mom readers were treated to a wonderful day. I mean, it would be super if we were treated to more than one wonderful day each year, but we'll take what recognition we can get, right?

My day was pretty awesome. I did get the two things I wanted most - gardening tools and the chance to sleep in. Yay! The sleep-in was extra special because it was shared with Little Boo, with whom I'd fallen asleep the night before. I love waking up to his sweet kisses. Especially when they don't happen until 9:30.

Aren't they gorgeous? My old hand tools were about 20 years old. I expect these will last just as long.
I had both of my boys with me for the first part of the morning. The Teen even gave me a big hug. (Moms of teen boys will understand what a big deal this is.) Then he went off for brunch with his mom, and the rest of us went to the Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites for their Mother's Day brunch buffet. As we entered, I was greeted with a rose. Lovely gesture!
Round 1. (My rose is sitting in a vase next to me tonight. So pretty in purple.)
Round 2. I didn't get a pic of dessert.
You know the best thing about brunch buffets? You can eat as much bacon as you like! And they just keep making more! And no one looks at you funny for it :)

This wasn't the best or the most expansive brunch I've had, but it was definitely good, and good value for the cost. Hubs said the shrimp were over-cooked, and I found the pecan pie had an odd taste. But the cheesecake was delicious, as was the chicken & mushrooms. And, of course, the bacon.

After my very large brunch, I waddled my way home and spent the afternoon introducing Little Boo to a couple of classic family films - " The Neverending Story" and "Beauty and the Beast." It was a wonderful, relaxing and low-key day. I did zero work.

Just what the doctor ordered.

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