Friday, May 10, 2013

Nurture Photography Photo Challenge - Pink/Home

This week's #NurturePhoto prompt was Pink/Home. Until fairly recently I had a pretty strong dislike for the colour pink. Too girly and pretty for my tastes. I avoided it at all costs. But as I age and mellow, and perhaps as a reaction to all the boys around me, I've grown quite fond of pink. I'm actually wearing a bright pink hoodie right now as I write this. I may finally be embracing my feminine side.

I still focused on Home for this challenge.

Home is Welcome

Home is Comfort

Home is Family

For me, home is where the love is.

Home is also this:
the waves, rocks and salt air of my home province

This challenge is hosted by Project AliciaBumbles and Light, and Live and Love Out Loud.
Join me next week to see what I come up with for the prompt Favourite Spring Photos.

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