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Cooking for Father's Day #CBias #Shop

What can you get for the man who has everything? And, by "everything," I of course mean me and our two gorgeous kids :) But in all seriousness, he and I both tend to just pick things up as we need them, and we've gotten to a point in our lives when we've accumulated a lot of the usual bigger ticket things we might need for our house or our hobbies. I certainly can't buy movies or music for him. He's got that well covered, and I have no idea what's already in his extensive library. He's quite particular about his electronics so that category only works when he gives me a list.
On their way to a Blue Jays game
Maybe the gift of a day off is what he needs. (In respect of the occasion, I'll lay off the jokes about how that may or may not be different than any other day ....) On Father's Day I promise not to pull out the honey-do list. I won't bug him about mowing the lawn or doing the laundry (both his regular duties), and I'll let him decide how he wants to spend his day.  Maybe there'll be some Lego building with his boys, or some cuddly family movie time.

Something else I can do is relieve him of any cooking responsibilities for the day. After all, I never have to cook on Mother's Day. We generally both do our equal share of the cooking around here. Then whoever didn't cook that meal is responsible for clean-up. It works out well. We each have particular meals that are "ours," and the other one won't attempt. If the BBQ is involved, Hubs is normally in control, although I'm pretty good with the grill too. Lately I've taken to grilling chicken wings, and that's become one of my special meals.
Proud of his black belt son

I suspect his meal of choice on Father's Day would probably be a nice thick striploin, but then he'd have to grill it himself. He has steak down to a science, and I could never get his done the way he likes it. It would be a disappointment I'm sure, so that's out. I decided to take inspiration from what might catch my eye at our local FreshCo, as part of a Collective Bias shop.

When I was going through their flyer I saw that Maple Leaf Prime whole chickens were on a major sale.  He does like the way I do roast chicken, so I'm thinking I'll take over the grill next Sunday and prepare a manly (and easy!) Beer Can Chicken for him to enjoy.

If you haven't cooked a Beer Can Chicken before, it really is worth a try. You simply season a whole chicken (innards removed) to your taste, open a can of beer, pour half out (into a glass to drink would make sense), make a couple of extra holes in the top of the can, and then slide it inside the body cavity. Place the chicken into a metal pan to catch the drippings, move it to a preheated grill, and cook on indirect medium heat (covered) until done. About 25 minutes per pound. The beer keeps the chicken really moist and flavourful.

I did a test run tonight while Hubs was out. While I was at Fresh Co I picked up some fresh corn (another of his faves). We usually cook the corn in boiling water, but I wanted to grill it this time. To grill corn, you first soak the cobs in cold water for about an hour. Leave the husks on, but remove the silk sticking out the top. The soaking will prevent the husks from catching fire.  I added my corn to the grill for the last 20-25 minutes of the cooking time.
Looks good, right?
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, as the old saying goes. I hope Hubs will like this idea for his special meal next weekend. I imagine there'll be a present as well. I'm sure our boys will want to pick up a special something for him. 

You can find out more about my FreshCo shop and see pictures of my experience over at my Google+ page.

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