Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hot Wheels Fundamentals Learning Program Brings Fun Math to Schools

There are many different learning styles, and different people learn best using different techniques. For example, I learn best by "doing" (kinesthetic learning), which is why I never read manuals (linguistic learning). But I think we can all agree that learning tends to be easiest when there's an element of fun involved. This is especially true for kids.

With this in mind, Hot Wheels has developed their FUNdamentals Learning Program, to bring an element of fun to learning math in the earliest grades.

The FUNdamentals Learning Program aims to provide teachers with lesson plans and resources that are designed to build problem-solving skills and engage students, aged 3 to 7, in fun activities that use the tactile experience of kid-friendly toys. Created by experienced educators, this program is accessible, easy to implement in your classroom and all lessons meet curriculum expectations.

A limited quantity of Hot Wheels® Learning Kits will be distributed to classrooms across Canada. Interested kindergarten and first grade teachers can request a kit from
Included in the classroom kit:

  • 36 Hot Wheels® Basic Cars
  • 50 Revved Up For Math Activity Books
  • 36 Hot Wheels® Collection Posters
  • 2 $5 off Hot Wheels® 10 pack

Teachers and parents can also visit: to access free lesson plans and other great learning resources.  In addition to the learning kits for teachers, there is a downloadable math Activity Book on the website.

I think a great piece of this program is that the materials are available for free download by parents as well as teachers. So, if your school doesn't utilise this program, you can still bring it to your kids. Maybe you want to check out the resources to help prepare your preschooler for the start of kindergarten? Or perhaps your first grader could use a little extra help with math over the summer? My boys have always loved their Hot Wheels cars, so using them to teach early math skills seems a great match! The downloadable activity book presents a number of learning activities your kids can do with their own Hot Wheels cars, like forming patterns, or measuring household items. It includes a maze, as well as simple word problems.

Personally, the kinesthetic learning aspects of this program appeal to me as well. I wonder if Little Boo has the same learning style as I do?

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