Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm Switching Out My iPhone for a Nokia Windows Phone #summerswitch

So, what's new with me? Well, I'm setting aside my beloved iPhone for 30 days to try out a Windows phone, a Nokia Lumia 920. After almost 3 years of my iPhone love affair, I definitely have a huge learning curve ahead of me. All of those second-nature taps and finger flicks will have to be re-learned for my new device. But I'm up for the challenge! After all, I'm a self-professed techno-geek, always up to try something new.

How did I find myself with this gig? My friend Caroline (parentclub.ca) was a part of a Windows phone switch back around Christmas, and she was approached recently to nominate someone to come on board for their #SummerSwitch program. I've been pretty impressed with some of the features she's shown me on her phone, so she figured I might like to give one a try as well. Thanks Caroline!!
Mine is black.

Yesterday I headed downtown to the Microsoft Canada offices to pick up my phone and attend a training session on its key features.Representatives from Microsoft, Nokia, and Rogers walked us through the set-up, helped us locate apps, and gave us a great overview of the phone's capabilities.

My first impressions are positive, but I have a lot to explore and learn still. I'll be using this phone exclusively over the next month and plan to take lots of pictures, listen to lots of music, and send lots of tweets. Among other things.

The one concern I have at this stage is with the availability of some of my favourite apps. I have my social media apps covered, using some alternates. For instance, there's no Hootsuite or Instagram for the Windows phone. But I have downloaded a couple of different Twitter clients to try, and a third-party app (Instance) to access Instagram. The filters aren't the same in Instance, but it does give me access to my Instagram account.

One of my new favourites on my iPhone, Checkout 51, a coupon app, isn't yet available for Windows phones, but I'll be keeping an eye out. And the proprietary Tim Horton's and Esso finder apps aren't available, but I have third party options to check out. There are lots of work-arounds it seems.

My next personal challenge, after exploring available apps, is to play around with the camera and photo editing features. The Nokia 920 boasts an 8.7MP camera, with image stabilization, and a Carl Zeiss lens. Here is one of my first photos, bearded iris and peonies from my garden:
Nice, hey?

Thank you to Microsoft Canada, Nokia, and Rogers, as well as the PR firm Hart & Galla, for having me along on this #SummerSwitch challenge. They have provided me with compensation, including the phone, as well as with a Rogers cellular and data plan for the duration of the program. I'll be sharing my experience with you here on the blog, as well as across my other channels.

Wish me luck!

Disclosure: I am participating in a month-long #SummerSwitch challenge. I will receive compensation for my participation and testing of a Windows phone, which has been provided to me by Microsoft Canada. All opinions on the blog, as always, remain my own.

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