Monday, June 24, 2013

It All Began Here ... Monsters University {Review}

So, tell me - did you go see "Monsters University" on its first weekend? A whole bunch of people apparently did, as it raked in $82 million and ranked #1, over both "Man of Steel" and "World War Z." (See Box Office Mojo for details.) Pretty good for an animated flick, hey? But of course when we're talking about Disney/Pixar releases, we're talking so much more than your typical kids' cartoon.

Around here we've been waiting anxiously for the release of this prequel to "Monsters Inc." since we saw a preview for it at a friend's birthday party over a year ago. And many of us have just simply been wanting more Sully and Mike ever since we saw the original film back in 2001. I was lucky enough to be able to bring my family to a preview showing last weekend, and it did not disappoint.

"Monsters University" brings us back to the time when Mike and Sully first met at college, and tells the story of how their relationship developed, from somewhat rocky beginnings, to become what we see in their work life together in "Monsters Inc."  This film fills in the back story and at points will have you going, "Oh! That's why ..." Those little touches make the film especially appealing to me. You'll see many familiar faces in the supporting cast.

Of course, this is a college story, so naturally there's mayhem and hijinks and general tomfoolery. Lots of laughs! The film also has a great message about coming of age and coming to know yourself and accept that everyone, including you, is special in their own way.

As you'd expect from a Disney/Pixar production, the animation is astounding, and the script has depth and surprises.  Parents and kids alike will be caught up in the story and find things meant just for them.

One word of warning though - if you have seen the trailer with Sully decorating Mike as a disco ball, this scene is not in the actual movie. Little Boo suggested that it might show up on the BluRay as a bonus short, and I'm hoping he is right! (Are you listening Disney/Pixar?) I have to admit I was kind of waiting for the scene as we watched, but missing it in no detracted from how fun "Monsters University" is.

Needless to say, Little Boo has requested a copy on BluRay as soon as it becomes available, so he can watch it over and over. Hubs and I are in full support of this idea.

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