Thursday, June 20, 2013

Language and Learning Research at the University of Toronto

This isn't the usual type of thing I post about here, but I was approached with a request to share, and I think it's a worthwhile and interesting project. So, here you go ...

The Language and Learning Lab at the University of Toronto is currently recruiting infants & children to participate in their research studies. The aim of the research is to gain a better understanding of how children learn and communicate, and how young children learn about the world around them.

This research explores the way that infants and children begin to

•          Use words and other symbols to communicate
•          Understand references to absent objects, people, and events
•          Update their knowledge from what others tell them
•          Learn new information from picture books
•          Understand the intentions of others during communication

All of these are topics I was particularly concerned about in the first few years of Little Boo's life. The more we know the more we can help them learn effectively, I believe.

If you are interested in learning more about these studies or would like your wee ones to participate, you can visit their website: or Facebook page:

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