Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mabel's Labels - Fundraise for Your School or Daycare Online

The school year is about to end, or has ended for some lucky ones. But I'm already looking ahead to next fall. I plan to get more involved with the parent council at our new school and, in particular, to help them improve communications with parents and increase fundraising opportunities.

One of my ideas is to set up a Mabel's Labels fundraiser for our school. You know I love my Mabel's Labels, and have been using them since Little Boo was an infant. They really have made a difference over the years in terms of items actually finding their way home, rather than languishing in the school or daycare lost & found.

A great thing about the Mabel fundraiser is that it is all run online. Once the fundraiser has been set up you can shop through a specially created website link and your group gets a percentage of all sales (20% commission). No more hauling boxes and filling forms because Mabel's Labels handles all orders, payments and deliveries. 

The end of school is actually a pretty good time to set up a fundraiser, so you can get the word out to parents before everyone scatters for the summer, but parents can make their purchases along with the back-to-school shopping. Everything will be labelled for the first day of class! Of course, fundraisers can go year-long if you wish, which might be a good idea. I'd definitely recommend keeping it going through the first two months of school.

Sound like something your school could use? Get started today!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Mabel's Labels affiliate program through

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