Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Some Days Are Harder Than Others

Is it really only Tuesday? These last two days have gone on forever. There's been too much busyness, too much activity, and too little downtime for me to recover.

But I napped today. I had to. I was spent.

I'm not sure why, but I've dipped down into one of my low times again.  I'm indecisive, tired, restless, sleepless, foggy, inattentive, sad. All of this also makes me short-tempered and cross. I know this will pass. I know it's temporary and possibly tied up in the weather patterns that are playing havoc with my head. But today has been really hard.

I don't think it helped that I had a specialist's appointment this morning to start investigating my dizzy spells, and he couldn't find the problem. More tests to come. Maybe an MRI.

Have I mentioned I'm claustrophobic?

And when precisely did I fall apart? Can I blame 40??

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