Friday, July 19, 2013

Talking with Seven Year Olds

I love my kid. Little Boo is smart, and funny, and a bit of a character. Seven is a fun age. I just thought I'd share some recent conversations we've had that gave me a giggle.

Me: I'm going to try to get my legs waxed tomorrow.
Him: I have no idea what that means, but it sounds weird.
(Probably true.)

Me (in a moment of extreme frustration): You're going to push me right over the edge!
Him: The edge of what?
Me: My sanity
Him: What sanity??
(He's got me there.)

Me: Time to go put on my makeup so I can be pretty. Does Mommy need makeup to be pretty?
Him: Yes. I mean NO!
(Close one, Bud!)

Me, as I'm taking off my godawful uncomfortable strapless bra: Whew! That feels better. I hate that thing.
Him: Then why do you wear it? That's dumb.
(I never thought of it that way.)

I told him he'd have to wait while I finished something before I could help him.
His response: That's ok, Mommy. I can be patient. For once.
(At least he recognises it!)

Him, as I'm taking a picture of him being goofy: Are you going to tweet that to Facebook?? Please?
Me: You are an attention hog.
Him: Maybe just a clown. Tweet that too!
(Yep, he's mine.)

And I'll leave you with his favourite joke, that he made up:
Why do fish live in salt water?
Because pepper makes them sneeze!!

Have your kids given you a good chuckle lately? Please share!

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