Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Inner Workings of My Addled Brain

It's a gloriously sunny and hot day today. I've been working in my garden and pulled another harvest of rhubarb.

Which I left on the ground to get soft in the sun, while I was distracted by the suddenly desperate need to tie up the previously proud sunflowers that got knocked over in Monday's storms. That led to a desperate need to weed.

Eventually I remembered the wilting rhubarb, trimmed it and put it in a sink of cold water to revive.

A couple of hours' worth of other half-finished tasks ensued before I finally went inside to cut up the stems.

Then my friend texted me, and as I replied I got the "battery is critically low" alert. So I decided I needed to go upstairs and get the laptop and plug the phone in to charge.

When I got to my bedroom, I noticed Hubs hadn't made the bed. So naturally I had to look after that.

While making the bed I realised I had to pee. So, no problem, bed, pee, then laptop.

But when I got to his side of the bed I found dirty dishes and assorted, abandoned packaging from his new shirts. Priorities shifted again, and after a few choice words under my breath I took all that downstairs to deal with.

At which point I saw the rhubarb again and returned to cleaning and chopping.

The phone is now dead. The laptop is still upstairs in my bedroom. But now I'm up there too. Maybe I'll take a nap.

The rhubarb can wait, right?

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