Thursday, August 01, 2013

Iams So Good, for the Dogs We Love {review}

When we adopted our Maxi from the OSPCA, she came home to us with a supply of Iams dog food, courtesy of the folks at Iams, who have partnered with the OSPCA to provide high quality nutrition for the pets in their care. We were already feeding PJ Tricky the Iams Senior Plus formula, so we were familiar with the brand and happy with the health benefits we saw in our kitty. But, knowing that this animal welfare organisation also trusted Iams for their furry charges made us feel even better about our choice.

Maxi loves her Iams kibble and wet food, so we were definitely game to try out the new offering, Iams So Good! I like that this food contains a good balance of proteins (min. 21%) with fruits, vegetables, and no added sugar, dyes or artificial preservatives. I'm fairly certain no good comes from adding sugar to a dog's diet, and why would they care what colour their kibble is? Dogs are colour blind, right? One thing I learned when I visited the Iams facilities last year is that, while cats are carnivores, dogs are actually omnivores, and the fruit and vegetables are an important component of their diets. Iams So Good! has a guaranteed minimum 5% fibre coming from these natural sources to keep the digestive tract healthy.
Maxi switched over very easily and seems to really love the chicken flavour and crunchy kibble. The kibble is varied in size and shape, which is something Iams has found dogs prefer.

The folks at Iams sent over a package of materials to visually illustrate some of the ingredients that go into some other leading brands vs. what goes into Iams. The dyes and sugar on the right are absent in Iams So Good! although they do show up in some popular Canadian brands. I was really interested to see that the dyes are used even more commonly in the US. The fruits and vegetables on the left are absent in many of the competing brands, though present in Iams So Good! Interestingly, the one other leading brand that included fruits and vegetables also has sugar and dyes. (Of course this is from a limited list of 3 Canadian and 4 US competitors - I don't have info on every dog food brand on the market!) You can find out more at

Important to note - the ratio of protein to fruits and vegetables is not accurately reflected in the size and number of the display items! Don't worry, the chicken has a much larger role to play in an actual bowl of the food!

Maxi was a little disappointed to be presented with a bowl of toy food for this pose, but she did show some interest afterwards in playing with it all!

Bottom line, we all want the best for our families, including our precious pets. Iams So Good! has passed the Maxi taste test with flying colours, and Momma is happy with the lack of things we don't need - sugar, dyes and artificial preservatives. This seems to be a really well-balanced food. Currently Iams So Good! is only available in a standard adult dog formulation. I'm watching to see if they expand their offerings to include versions for cats, as well as for older dogs and puppies.

Disclosure: I received complimentary product to facilitate this review. No other compensation was or will be received. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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