Thursday, August 08, 2013

Johnson Geo Centre - More Family Fun in St. John's

Yes, we had another science adventure. Only this time it was all about rocks and geology rather than about marine life. Oh. And we learned about monarch butterflies too.

Earlier this week we checked out the Johnson Geo Centre, located on and in Signal Hill in St. John's.

A visit to the Geo Centre is a neat experience. You enter at ground level and then take an elevator down to the lower level, built into Signal Hill. Many of the walls are just the actual rock of the hill, and you'll even see water running down them on rainy days. There is one big exposed rock wall in particular where they have supplied spray bottles and encourage kids to wet the rock surface to bring out special features.

The exhibits explore the history of our planet and of our province. A huge variety of rocks are displayed with so much information about their formation. I'm particularly intrigued by the specimens that have been collected from all over Newfoundland and Labrador, displayed with information about their ages and locations. Rocks millions and millions of years old? We got 'em.

Little Boo likes to spray the rock wall, and to explore the exhibits of fossils and crystals. There's even an area dedicated to space exploration, which includes a model of the Canadarm.

The Geo Centre also hosts permanent Titanic and oil exploration exhibits, and presents a changing series of 3D movies on various subjects. On this visit we watched "The Flight of the Butterflies" and learned about the migration of the monarchs and the 40 years of research that went into discovering the secrets of their flight.

The Geo Centre is open daily, year-round, from 9:30am-5:00pm.  Adult admission is $12, kids 5-17 are $6. Under 5 admission is free, and seniors and students get in for $9. The Geo Centre is a member of the Canadian Association of Science Centres and so is part of their reciprocal admission agreement.  This is a super benefit, and means that our Ontario Science Centre membership allowed us free entry to the Geo Centre when we're here.

The Johnson Geo Centre is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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