Friday, August 16, 2013

Shoppers Drug Mart 30 Days of Beauty

Last weekend I went to my 25th high school reunion. I think I should have been more nervous than I was. I didn’t lose the 20 pounds I was hoping to. I’m currently on sick leave, so not feeling particularly “successful,” but overall I’m pretty happy with where and who I am these days, so I was good with it. I did though wear my support garments and put on my makeup.

When I was getting packed to head home for the reunion I realised I hadn’t worn any make-up in about a month. It’s been hot. I haven’t been going anywhere special. Mostly it’s been me and Little Boo hanging out and sweating in the heat wave. My make-up routine kind of fell by the wayside. But it felt really nice to apply mascara again and brighten myself up before heading out to see folks I haven’t laid eyes on (outside of Facebook) in 25 years.

My make-up routine is pretty simple, and it doesn’t vary much, though I’ve been trying to experiment with some different colours. The whole process takes about 5 minutes, and focuses on my eyes. I think I look pretty good when I’m done, but perhaps I could use a little make-up revolution …

From August 17–September 15, 2013, Shoppers Drug Mart is holding the biggest national beauty event of the year - their 3rd Annual 30 Days of Beauty. Each day will present a new and unique look, highlighting 30 looks for 30 occasions, including high school reunion (it’s not just me!!), martini night with the girls, outdoor wedding, first date, and more. Are you feeling like you’re in a bit of a beauty rut, like I am? During the 30 Days of Beauty event, you can book a free 5-minute make-over with the beauty experts at Shoppers, to have them help you achieve your favourite of the 30 looks. Fun, right? A quick make-over to make you feel special and get a little inspiration for your make-up routine.

You can also visit during the event to get visuals and instructional videos on how you can achieve the featured looks at home, along with product information. There will be daily print-to-redeem 1 day only coupons offered online that you can bring to the store for great savings on your favourite beauty brands, in addition to month-long specials, and one-day only offers, changed up daily! Over 50 brands are participating in the event, including: LancĂ´me, Biotherm, Lise Watier, Clinique, Benefit, Elizabeth Arden, Clarins, CoverGirl, Revlon, Quo and Gosh!

What’s a big beauty event without a contest? Check out the site for details on how you can enter to win a grand prize of 1 million Shoppers Optimum Points through the ‘Submit Your Look’ Contest. That’s over $1700 worth of free product when you redeem! Think of all the lipstick and perfecting lotions that could buy. The selection at Shoppers Drug Mart beauty counters is really extensive, so you’ll be able to find the right products for you no matter what your style.

So, what are you waiting for? The site will have all the details on participating locations. Head over to the website to learn more, then head on out to a local store and book your 5 minute make-over. Enjoy!!

Disclosure: I will receive compensation for my assistance in promoting this event. All opinions on this blog, as always, remain my own.

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