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Decorating for Thanksgiving {#CBias #shop}

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It's almost October, which means harvest time and Thanksgiving right around the corner. I've already harvested most of my garden and am busy canning what I am able and taking full advantage of local farmers' markets. It's a delicious time of year!

Growing up, Thanksgiving was an important occasion for a big family meal. Actually, most any holiday was seen as an excuse to cook a big turkey and get everyone together to eat and laugh and enjoy each other's company. Family time is important, especially when you can get multiple generations together around the table. Family stories and histories, favourite jokes that keep coming back at every get-together - these are the glue that holds us together and creates the wonderful, loving memories of childhood.

I try to keep that sense of family tradition going in my little family today, and am already planning our meal. This year's big excitement will be the Teen coming home for the long weekend from college!! We can't wait to see him and hear how his first month away at school went. We miss him a lot, and I'm finding it hard to reconcile the fact that he's pretty close now to flying the coop for good. We'll be spending some time around the table talking about all that we have to be thankful for, including having him with us!

So, we're going to make this Thanksgiving dinner a great one. Little Boo has requested pumpkin pie, so that will be on the menu. I know the Teen loves my mashed potatoes, so they'll be there as well. Asparagus for Hubs, delicious turkey and gravy for me. MMMMMM. And, I think a little festive decoration will add to the whole experience.

Little Boo really enjoys making crafts, and he can be pretty creative when he's in the mood. It's fun to make things with him and to see how his sense of style comes out in his creations. We chatted about some options of things we could make for Thanksgiving, and decided to decorate our mantle with a centrepiece and garland. I headed out to my favourite source of all things crafty, Michaels Arts and Crafts Stores , to see what kind of supplies I could find, and to get some inspiration. They never disappoint, and I ended up leaving with way more stuff then I needed, as usual.
turkey foam craft #shop
Because I'm not nearly so creative and imaginative as my child, I appreciate the availability these days of pre-made kits. I found this great foam set that makes 24 turkeys with googly eyes and sparkly bits. It's all self-adhesive, so it was really easy for a kid to work with. There was a picture to follow, but really, you could add the sparkles whatever way you wanted, or not at all. We discussed adding some extras, like real feathers, but Little Boo opted to stick with extra sparkles from the kit. 
Here's his special turkey for the central spot in the garland.
To make the garland I picked up a roll of an orange-y, metallic-edged ribbon, and we strung on some turkeys, tying knots to secure each one in place. Super easy, and by using knots I created an opportunity for him to practice his knot-tying skills.

We finished the mantel with a couple of wooden pumpkins, wound around with a short length of the same ribbon from the garland plus a berry garland, again from Michaels. I added a pick of fall flowers in a white vase and a couple of pumpkin scented candles.  Of course I had to leave my two handsome boys up there as well.

What do you think? Quick and simple, but very festive. I can almost smell the turkey roasting in the oven!

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