Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Enter to Win an iPad Mini with the #CAARewards Challenge

If you've been following along on my social media sites lately, you'll have noticed that I've spent the last four weeks on a scavenger hunt of sorts.  The CAA Spot the Partner Challenge has had me scouring the web and searching on my travels for CAA partners who offer deals and savings to CAA members. It's been pretty eye-opening actually, and I've enjoyed sharing my finds.

You see, I've been a CAA member for years, and other than a couple of tows and one road trip we got them to map for us, we really haven't taken full advantage of our membership. I had a vague idea that the CAA Rewards program offered some savings, but I had no idea how extensive the partnership network had become. The first time I took advantage of the savings was actually this past February when Little Boo and I traveled to Ottawa for Winterlude. On our trip we visited the Diefenbunker museum, and I noticed a CAA Rewards sign at the cash. I asked about it, and we saved on our admission just by showing my card! 

Little Boo was a big help on this challenge:
This past month I've been really interested to delve further into the program and see just how many attractions, shops and services are involved in the program. Many of these are related to online shopping through the CAA eStore, and you know how much I love to shop online! I think I'll be taking much more advantage of my membership benefits moving forward. You can find out lots more by visiting the CAA Rewards website.

A scavenger hunt is, of course, a competition, and I've been a proud member of The K-Team, led by the wonderful Lil' Miss Kate. We've earned points for our finds and shares, and at the end of it all, the team with the top points will win a prize. Awesome, right? CAA also wants our readers to get in on the action, so, we're tying up the Challenge with a great giveaway.

One of our lucky readers (one prize across all teams) will win for themselves an iPad Mini! The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents, and will run until September 18, 2013. To enter (I know you want to!) head on over to Lil' Miss Kate's blog and check out the Rafflecopter widget.  Best of luck!


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