Monday, September 16, 2013

No More Medicine! Please?

I had a rather painful, and eyeopening, conversation with Little Boo yesterday. In the rush of getting ready for karate class, I'd forgotten to give him his ADHD/ODD pills. I was a bit worried about how he'd do in class, but it turned out ok. No crises. We have had non-medicated blow-ups there in the past, so I was really relieved.

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When we got home, I opened the cupboard and announced it was medicine time.

He wailed.

"No medicine, Mommy! Please!"

I was shocked, having never encountered this reaction before (well except when we were trying to teach him to swallow the pills whole rather than crushed - disaster). So I asked him why.

"Everything's boring when I take my medicine." Huh? "I don't get excited about anything."

Wow. Could this be true? I've been so busy monitoring appetite and sleep patterns, watching for tics, have I missed a personality shift? I don't know.

What I do know is that he was unmedicated on Saturday as well, (I had a rough weekend.) Did something about Saturday stand out for him as better, more fun?  I let it go. We put the pills back in the cupboard, and had a little talk about expectations for the day.

He did pretty well actually. His attention wasn't great, but he didn't fight with us too too much. He couldn't sit still. He got stuck on a need to play a video game even though we'd had the conversation explaining it was Sunday, so the big TV was for football, and he'd said he was ok with that.

He did seem happy.

Do I think he'd be ok at school without the medicine? Probably not. Do I think we've gotten to a point where he can take a break from it on weekends? Possibly.

Next Monday we have an appointment with his psychiatrist, and we'll absolutely be discussing this. It's killing me to think we're taking joy out of Little Boo's life by treating him with these pills. But what's the alternative? We were heading down a pretty scary path at school before the pills. Maybe there's a different medication he can try? I'm glad he spoke up, but angry with myself that I didn't notice or ask.

It's a delicate balance, and all we want is what's best for him. We're working on it.

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