Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Best Laid Plans ...

Ever since school started this fall there's been one special day I've been looking forward to - the first PA Day of the year.

You see, I'm pretty tired. Monday to Friday I wake up early to get Little Boo up and ready for school. Then on Saturday and Sunday I wake early (though not quite so early) to get Little Boo up and ready for soccer and karate lessons. Poor planning on my part I know. But still, the idea of a day when I didn't have to wake to an alarm clock was pretty amazing. I even planned ahead and let Hubs know that I'd sleep with Little Boo on Thursday night so that his alarm and morning routine wouldn't wake me.

Except, he never hears his alarm. But I do. Even from a different room.


And, Little Boo also heard the alarm, since it was going off for ages. So he woke up at 6:43am and decided I should join him in starting the day.

Can't a girl catch a break? Next PA Day is November 15. I'm thinking ear plugs. Wish me luck!

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