Friday, October 11, 2013

My Dog Ate My Homework

Have you heard this one before? It's a pretty standard excuse and a pop culture stand-by. Do you actually know anyone whose dog actually ate their homework? I do. Me.

It's true!

Well, mostly true, since I guess it wasn't technically homework she ate. But it was some pretty important financial documents from Parent Council. (Did I tell you I'm the Treasurer of the Parent Council now? Maybe not for long ...)

I was in another room, and I could hear Maxi chewing away on her rawhide in my office/slash the Teen's old bedroom. (Yes! I'm turning my kid's bedroom into my office. Don't judge. He moved out.) She loves her rawhide and was really getting into it.

But then the chewing sound changed. It didn't sound like rawhide anymore. I probably should have investigated, but I was busy playing Candy Crush Saga doing something constructive. Eventually though I lost my last life finished my chores, and went to take a look.

There she was, face and eyes into the financial documents I had lain on the bed with some other papers to await filing.

My dog is a walking cliche!

I can only assume she managed to rub her rawhide all over the papers and then get completely carried away in the ecstasy of the smell and taste everywhere. I was furious!! That is, until I stopped and realised how ludicrous the situation was. Hubs came home while I was cleaning it up, and he, naturally, laughed his butt off at me. Thanks hon.

In the end, the important info is still readable, and Maxi apologised profusely for her misbehaviour. That involved a whole lot of sloppy kisses. Kind of gross, but sweet at the same time.

So, I want to know - what has your dog destroyed lately?

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