Wednesday, October 30, 2013

National UNICEF Day is October 31 - "Likes" Don't Feed Children


October 31 is National UNICEF Day. Do you remember the orange donation boxes of yesteryear? Did you carry them on your trick or treating rounds? I remember carrying them, as well as having a bowl of coins near the candy to be ready when one came to our door.  To mark National UNICEF Day this year, the organization is launching a provocative social media campaign designed to drive digital donations, in place of the orange box fundraising.
“Likes” Don’t Feed Children…
“Likes” Don’t Vaccinate Children …
“Likes” Don’t Educate Children …
… Nothing against Likes but food, vaccines and books cost money.
This is a bit of a playful way to point out that it takes more than just a click of moral support to aid them in doing their good works. UNICEF needs our help to help the children in need whom they serve. How can you help? Buy a life-saving survival gift now! 

What are survival gifts? These are real, life-saving and life-changing gifts essential for child survival and development for the poorest, most vulnerable children in the world's most inaccessible places. Gifts are available in seven categories: Water,Shape a Future, Emergency, Education, Health, Food, and Play, and range in price from $10 for a bed net pack or 22 Plumpy’Nut® Packs, all the way to $40,413 for an all-terrain vehicle needed to reach children safely in conflict zones and in remote regions.

New gifts available this year include:
o Rehabilitate a Child Soldier - $95
o End Child Marriage - $100
o Prevent a Child from Drowning - $60
o School Essentials Bundle - $17
o Sleep Safe Pack - $20
o Winter Clothes - $58
o Early Childhood Development Kit - $227

There are also a number of Matched Gifts, which double in impact up to $25,000 each thanks to UNICEF’s generous sponsors.
o Girls Education - $85 (matched by H&M)
o New Life Bundle - $186 (matched by JoMedia)
o Blankets for Babies - $18 (matched by JoMedia)
o Mother & Baby Tetanus Pack - $25 (matched by Kiwanis)

Canadians can view and purchase Survival Gifts now at or by phone at 1-888-777-0380. With the holiday season coming up, a UNICEF survival gift would be a wonderful and thoughtful gift for a friend or family member - you purchase the gift online, and the physical gift is sent to a child in need. You can choose a card to send to your friend or family member, to let them know you've sent a gift in their name. Plus, these survival gifts are eligible for a tax receipt.

So, watch your social media channels on National UNICEF Day and keep an eye out for messages from this campaign. And head on over to

Disclosure: I have received no compensation for this post. However, Hallmark Canada will donate 10 vaccines for each blog post written about this UNICEF "Likes" campaign. That's a big win!

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