Thursday, October 31, 2013

Winter Is Coming

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Winter is indeed coming. Not in the House Stark kinda way, or at least I hope not. But the mornings are getting cold, and folks are beginning to comment on my lack of socks.  For the record, I do plan to maintain my sock strike this year. I don't see why not, since it worked last year so comfortably. But I have to start thinking about warm coats and sweaters and such.

One thing that will be very different this year is the walk to school. Little Boo didn't change schools until just after Easter last year, so the snow was basically gone, and the days certainly weren't terribly cold. But this year we get to walk through snowstorms and minus 40 degrees. I'm not sure how much either of us will be loving how close we are to the school at that point. Hopping into the car for a drive to school in that weather is one thing, but walking around the block and standing waiting for the bell is an entirely other.

I'm on the lookout for snow pants. For me. Or at least a nice long coat to wear over warm sweaters and scarves. Layering will be key to getting through the season I am sure, so I'll be shopping for some cozy, but fashionable sweaters for women to keep me warm. Then when the outer layers come off, I'll still have a warm and lovely indoor look underneath.

Also looking for cozy, warm sweaters for my kid of course, but he's kind of a no-brainer. Just last night I was talking on Twitter with some mom friends and all agreed that we too easily forget about buying nice things for ourselves. We focus so much on our children and, to a lesser extent, our husbands.

I spent three years in northern Indiana and still shiver thinking about the deathly cold of a midwest winter. Thankfully the season was pretty short, but it made up for duration with its intensity. The first winter I spent back in St. John's I didn't even wear my winter jacket. It was so warm by comparison! Long and wet and dark, but the winters are really relatively mild there. What about you? Are the winters cold and long where you live? Do you dread or look forward to the season? Do the cold weather fashions make it almost worthwhile?

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