Friday, November 22, 2013

Crafts with Kids: Jingle Bells DIY

Jingle Bells DIY

I love that my boy still loves to do crafts with me. He is very creative, and I want to encourage and nurture that interest. I love to get crafty myself, so it's a fun activity we can enjoy together. Last night we settled in to make some jingle bells to add to our Christmas decor for this year.

What you'll need:
2.5 inch terra cotta flower pots
darning needle
paints & paintbrushes
glue, ribbon, glitter, stickers, whatever you want to use for your decorations

I found the flower pots at Dollarama 3 for $1, the ribbons and glitter glue came from Target at $1 each. Nothing else was particularly pricey, and much of it was in our craft cupboard already. Use what you have at hand! I used red wool for hanging. And guess what I used for the paints?
Yes, that's an empty insert from a box of Kinder Surprise eggs. Plastic or styrofoam egg cartons work great as well. I also save the clear plastic single-serve Jello and fruit containers for paints. I think I get this tendency from my grandmother, who saved and re-used everything!

The first step is to paint your flower pot, inside and out. We did one each in red, antique gold, and blue acrylic paints. Boo pointed out that these were the three primary colours, so we had an educational moment in there as well. And, later, when I wanted to use some green, we had to make it by mixing blue and yellow together. You can find opportunities for learning everywhere!
I prefer a foam brush, but Boo went for a traditional bristle brush. Until he decided it was taking too long and he switched. The foam brush works great on these thirsty pots.

Once your paint has dried, which only took a few minutes, you can proceed with decorating. Cut a piece of ribbon to stretch round the rim of your pot, and affix with a thin line of tacky craft glue.
Next, apply additional decorations as desired, like glitter glue, stickers, etc. Make it your own! My second pot I decorated with green polka dots, using a round foam brush.

Once your pot is decorated and dry, it's time add the jingle. I used a medium sized red bell and tied a length of red wool through the loop in the top. To keep the bell hanging, tie an additional knot about 1.5 inches above the bell. This knot will need to be larger than the drainage hole in the flower pot to avoid it popping through. Depending on the thickness of your yarn you may need to double or triple tie the knot for the right fit. Then use a darning needle to thread the yarn through the pot's drainage hole, tie a knot at the top, and voila! You're ready to hang.
Yeah, my glitter glue didn't go so well on this one.

I think he's pretty proud of his blue jingle bell with candy cane ribbon accents.

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