Wednesday, November 27, 2013

That Not So Fresh Feeling

No, not that! This post is about dogs. Stinky dogs. They are all stinky, no matter how often you wash them. Kind of like boys. Especially teen boys, but I'm sure I've complained about that before. (By the way, I highly recommend Febreze Set & Refresh for every teen boy's bedroom. You're welcome.)

Anyway, back to my story.

This morning, after school drop-off, I grabbed my fluffy, white bathrobe off the end of my bed and went for my shower. It was a long and lovely shower. I shaved and conditioned and moisturised. Luxury! I dried off and wrapped myself in my robe, then reached for the hair dryer. And that's when I smelled it.

Dog. Worse, wet dog. Where in the heck ....?? Oh.

Apparently Maxi, after her joyful romp in the snowy backyard, decided the best place to curl up to dry off and warm up would be my fluffy, white bathrobe. Can't say I blame her really. But, seriously, this totally ruined my post-shower bliss.

Stinky dog.

Good thing she's so cute.

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