Sunday, November 03, 2013

Time Change Fun

Like most of North America, we "fell back" last night, with the end of Daylight Savings Time. This annual event gives us back the hour we give up each March for later sunsets through the spring and summer. And news anchors, pundits, and helpful folks all over talk about how great it is that we get an extra hour of sleep. 

Which, as a parent, I think is hi-larious! An extra hour of sleep, my butt. Kids don't get this whole time change thing, and they could care less about sleeping in. Until they're teenagers. Then it's a whole other world. But Little Boo is getting better at looking after himself in the morning, so it wasn't too bad here. He woke up at 7:30, as per usual, though that meant it was actually 6:30. He let me go back to sleep, until he looked at the clock 2 hours later and got all indignant that I was still in bed at 9:30. I justified my sleepiness by explaining the time change. He looked dubious.

But I got up anyways. He doesn't have too much trouble with time changes, seeing as his hungry and tired
cycles are so "off" at the best of times. He ate when I gave him food, and I'll put him to bed at the usual time, in the new time zone. It's all good.

But pets are even worse than kids. Maxi and PJ are completely not understanding the time change. Not one little bit. They both started asking for dinner about 4pm (new time), and then got really insistent by 5. Hubs couldn't figure out what was wrong til I pointed out their tummies were telling them it's dinner time. Then at 8pm, Maxi asked to go out, demanded her bedtime cookie, and went straight up to bed. Because, you know, in her body it's 9:00 already. Poor dog. Hopefully they'll adjust in a day or two.

How did the time change go at your place? Did you get an extra hour sleep? Or just an extra hour to entertain your kids and animals? I fondly remember the days when the time change meant an extra hour dancing at the club. Sigh.

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