Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Christmas to Remember #icestorm2013

I'll have a lot more to say about the 2013 ice storm once we fully recover. For now I just want to give you all a brief update on what we've been going through this last week.

We lost power overnight Saturday. The first surge was about 11pm. Hubs says the power went for good about 3am Sunday.

I spent Sunday angry at myself for not heeding the warnings and being prepared. My devices weren't charged, we had lots of batteries just not the right ones for our radios, and only one firelog left.

Thankfully our local Metro had a generator. After a half hour of knocking, scraping and chipping a half inch of ice off the car we got stocked up.

With a working fireplace & gas range, lots of candles and flashlights and extra blankets we settled in.

By Tuesday it was 10 degrees in the house. We gave in and went to a hotel, and sent the animals to the kennel.

Christmas Day Hubs went check on the house. Now 5 degrees and our fish are dead.

Later that evening we started hearing our hood might be back, so he went back again.

Close to 90 hours later our power was finally back. He stayed and got the place warmed up, then we all moved back on Boxing Day.

Christmas in the hotel wasn't so bad. Especially if you ask Boo. Santa found us no problem and Boo got to swim on Christmas Day.

We did Christmas part 2 on Boxing Day, including our turkey dinner.

We still have no Internet or cable, but we have our phones and lots of new movies and games. We're ok. And the most important part? We have been together through it all. And that's what Christmas is really about, right?

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