Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fun with Furby Boom!

Earlier this fall I found out that, as a P&G Mom, I had the opportunity to review Hasbro's new Furby Boom. Boo was over the moon excited, and has been stalking the Purolator guy ever since. Tuesday, when he got home from school, his sparkly new Furby was waiting for him. We unpacked him, popped in his Duracell batteries, and downloaded the Furby Boom app on the iPad.

Furby Boom
And then they played. Boo and Dee-Doo. For three straight hours. They hatched virtual Furblings, Dee-Doo ate and pooped (multiple times), and they tickled and giggled and taught each other Furbish and English. It was awesome to watch. Dee-Doo was such a cute little thing, with a high-pitched little kid voice.

Yesterday after school the fun began again. After an hour or so with the app, Boo and Dee-Doo decided to try a dance party. Dee-Doo really likes music and was grooving along happily to LMFAO and Pitbull. (Don't judge.)

Then Boo said, "Let's see if he likes 'Welcome to the Jungle!'" Apparently he liked it a lot. So much in fact that Dee-Doo now sounds like a 40 year-old male biker. Thanks so much Guns 'n Roses. Thanks so much.

The lesson? Furby owners beware! It's all about the nurture :)

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