Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Give a Little, Get a Lot ... of Feeling Good!

I've been in a superbly good mood today.  And I think I know why. You see, I started my day with a couple of things that you might call "good deeds." But really they were just small kindnesses that took very little effort on my part.

The first was a simple donation of toys to one of the kindergarten classes at Boo's school. I had done a bit of a purge of our crawlspace as I was getting ready to haul out the Christmas decorations, and I had a couple of big bins of Duplo and Mega Blocks. Boo's school just started full-time Kindergarten this year and also added a second class, so I asked if they could use some extra toys as they build up their stores.  When I dropped the blocks off the kids were so excited! Their bright little faces all lit up just made me smile too. Cost to me? About 5 minutes to drop off gently-used toys that Boo had outgrown.

Then I stopped off at the Tim Horton's drive-thru to grab a tea on my way to finish my Christmas shopping. And I decided to pay for the truck behind me. Turns out he just had an XL coffee, so it was only $1.80. But that wasn't the point. I smiled to myself as I drove away. But then something even better happened. I noticed he was behind me on the road. Then I heard a little beep and glanced over - as he was exiting onto the highway he smiled and waved at me in thanks. And I smiled and waved back. At that point I felt selfish for buying him that coffee, because the warm feeling his smile gave me just felt so fantastic. I knew I'd brought a little sunshine to start his day. Awesome!

My day was topped off with co-hosting a Twitter chat in support of raising awareness of Ronald McDonald House Charities, and specifically RMH Toronto. Our #RMHToronto chat was not about prizing or sponsors, just about sharing and learning. And a number of participants were asking about how they could volunteer at the house. How incredible is that? (You can search the hashtag on Twitter to see our conversation!)

All in all, it's been an amazing day. I've smiled a lot and felt happier than I have in ages. All because I did a few simple things that made others smile. It was easy. And I highly recommend it.

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