Monday, December 02, 2013

He Knows Me Well

Back in August Little Boo and I had a trip to Sears to do some back to school shopping. I brought him along so he could pick out his backpack and a few tops. I also needed his input into the big purchase - new sneakers. He tried on bunches before he settled on the perfect pair. I was kind of surprised at how into the whole shopping experience he was.

This morning a Sears commercial came on the TV while we were eating breakfast. I didn't think he noticed, but suddenly he piped up.

Boo: Mommy, we haven't gone to Sears in a long time.

Me: Really? You have no idea where I get to when you're in school.

Boo: Yes I do. Tim Horton's!!

So, yes, he does know me pretty well. I almost spit out my coffee with laughter. Almost. But my coffee is too precious for that.

So, when we head to the mall this week to meet Santa, we'll be sure to hit Tim Horton's for my coffee (and his vanilla dip doughnut) and then take a trip to Sears so he can pick out some new sweaters for himself. My little fashionisto. Who knew he missed Sears so much!

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