Friday, December 20, 2013

Join Me and Discover "Busy-At-Home"

Do you participate in gift exchanges around the holidays? Maybe it's a Secret Santa at the office, or a cookie exchange among friends.  Always fun are those holiday parties where everyone brings a wrapped gift and places them under the tree, then each person draws a number and chooses a mystery gift in turn. The best part of that game is the "stealing" of presents already opened. Wine and chocolate seem to get stolen a lot, and there's lots of laughs all around.

This year I've participated in a Secret Santa with a blogging group, as well as an ornament exchange with Social Fabric. I love the shopping for others as well as the receiving of surprise treats. For the first time this year I'm also participating in Social Fabric's Virtual Gift Exchange. This virtual gift? An introduction to another blogger. So, you my readers get the gift of someone new to check out, and my new blogger friend gets the gift of exposure to a new audience. Fun, right? So, without further ado, please meet Glenda!

Glenda Embree is the blogger behind Busy-at-Home, where she has been sharing her tips and advice for living well on a budget since 2009. In her own words:
Busy-at-Home ( provides tips to do food, family, & fun on a frugal budget. It includes cooking & baking recipe tutorials, cake decorating tips and ideas, freezer cooking tutorials and recipes, homeschooling experiences, plus a smattering of DIY projects, gardening and more. Reviews & giveaways of products relevant to busy moms and their families are regular features.
She is a mother of five, grandmother of three, a passionate cook, long-time homeschooler, and devout Christian. She's also a gardener, which you know I love! I had a poke through the Gardening section of Glenda's blog and found some great canning information and recipes and gardening product reviews

I must give you a warning though - don't visit Busy-at-Home when hungry. Glenda shares an awesome collection of yummy recipes, along with great photography to get your mouth watering. Check out this recipe for Jalapeno Hashbrown Poppers. Oh my! These might just be making an appearance at a gathering at my place over the holidays. Then there's her Southwest Confetti Stuffed Peppers, a yummy and filling meatless dish that would be great on one of these cold winter evenings. Her recipe posts include step-by-step instructions and images to keep even a novice cook on track.

image copyright Busy-at-Home 2013
Looks delicious!!
Glenda has a clear passion for sharing and community, and you can really feel this in her conversational writing style. I've felt very comfortable visiting Busy-at-Home, feeling like a welcome guest. Her blog design is very clean and the tabs at the top keep all the categories organised so it's easy to find the topic you're looking for, be it recipes, home schooling. DIY projects, sewing, couponing, or more.

You can find more of Glenda and her wonderful recipes and tips on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. Now, please excuse me while I go back to pinning her fabulous recipes!

There are lots of us participating in the Virtual Gift Exchange. While you have some down time over the holidays, why not grab a beverage of choice, put your feet up, and check out some of these other posts? Who knows who you'll find!

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