Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just Say "Yes"

It was the last day of school before the Christmas break. There was a fresh layer of packing snow on the ground outside. And a huge pile of cleaning and baking and wrapping left to do inside.

I came really close to saying "no" when Boo asked me to come play with him in the back yard. It was cold. I was busy. I was feeling the holiday stress. But I took a step back, and took a breath before I responded.

What was more important really? It's a big day for him. Let's make it special. I bought snow pants for myself for a reason, right? Best. Decision. Ever.
The smile on his face was awesome. I put all the grown-up stuff aside, pulled on my snow pants, and jumped into the snow. We built a kind of awkward and mis-proportioned snowman, with a celery nose, since I had no carrots. We found buttons in my button jar to make his eyes, and Boo carefully selected two sticks for his arms.

Please note - snowman arms look very much like throwing sticks to excited doggies. We had to fight her a little for them.

Also note - it is nuts how much our dog loves the snow!

In the grand scheme of things, all the terribly important things I felt I needed to do paled in comparison to the importance of spending time with my son. Fresh air, giggles, and some great winter memories. I am vowing to just say yes a whole lot more in the new year. 

It's all about priorities. And he really is my top one.

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